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I’ve written previously about my lessons learned as a young pastor, but I’m thinking today about things I wish I had done back then. Here are several of them:


1. Go on an overseas mission trip. I didnt take my first missions trip until several years into my ministry. That means that I really didnt challenge my church to think much about missions until much later than I should have.


2. Find a mentor. I didnt even know the term mentor back then. And, had I known the word, I probably would have given up too easily on finding a mentor if one didnt respond quickly.


3. Travel across my state. Even a day-long road trip could have helped me see that my little world in southwestern Ohio hardly reflected the worldit didnt even reflect much of my state!


4. Take more regular days off. My failure to take days off more than 30 years ago has led to the same problem now. I dont take off enough time to relax, clear my mind and prepare to go back to the grind.


5. Set boundaries for counseling. I assumed my job was to counsel every member until he or she overcome the problem. Consequently, I had no sense of the need to refer people, and I spent far too much time counseling.


6. Enlist an accountability partner. I had nobody, so I lived in too much defeat over my sin.


7. Engage older pastors. Of the multiple older pastors in my community, I knew only oneand that was because our church wanted to use their churchs baptistery. I missed out because I ignored older, wiser leaders.


8. Schedule at least one day per month to fast. I didnt learn that discipline until a couple of decades into my ministry.


9. Exercise regularly. Because I didnt do it then, I now have to work harder at it to try to stay in shape.


10. Read the news every day. This many years later, I now know that an uninformed pastor isnt the best equipped pastor.


What do you wish you had done when you were a young pastor?
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