Sharing is Caring!


February 2017

His love is fierce! - 20 Feb 17

"You don't hold back; 
Relentless in pursuit..."

Is your love fierce? Do you pursue the lost and broken? Or do you try to talk to them once, and if that doesn't work out, then you don't talk to them anymore? God didn't do that to you. He pursued you. His love never stopped. He never gave up on you. And now He lives IN you, and He bought your life. You belong to Him. His Son's blood was the cost. Is He going to use you to pursue others? Maybe. Will you let Him? Or will you just give up on people? 
You know, let's say you manage to get up the courage to talk to your neighbor or co-worker about Jesus, and it doesn't work out. What do you do then? LOVE THEM!!! Just because it didn't work sharing the Gospel with your mouth, doesn't mean that you can't continue to share the Gospel through your life. LOVE THEM!!! "Hi!" "Good morning!" "How's your day going?" CARE ABOUT THEM!!! "Hey, do you need some help?" "Hey, are you okay?" Not every conversation you have needs to be ABOUT Jesus. Let your LIFE be about Jesus. People can see Him in your actions. They can see Him in the way you speak to them, and help them, and care about people. AND NOT JUST THEM!!! They are watching you now. Now, they KNOW you're a Christian. Show them what Jesus is like.

What does your Facebook look like? - 20 Feb 17

 My challenge to you:

     Honor God as #1 over everything in your life, and make a commitment right now to start getting rid of everything on your Facebook that's dirty, foul, inappropriate, sexual, derogatory, or makes fun of other people. You can hit the little arrow (or star) in the top right-hand corner of the post and choose to hide things from, not your friend, but whoever your friend got that post from. You make need to click 'More' at the bottom to get that option.
     Then your Facebook will only encourage you, lift you up, draw you closer to God, and give you opportunities to fellowship or party with people, and if it's funny stuff, it will be clean things you can share with everyone, even kids or your pastor. If you wouldn't share it with the church, it probably shouldn't be on your Facebook. We reap what we sow to the flesh. You get out what you put into yourself. Let's be intentional about putting good things in ourselves.

You and God Have Got This - 14 Feb 17

                True faith changes everything. If we truly and consistently believe that Jesus was the Son of God who lived and died on our behalf to reconcile us with our God and Creator, the evidence will be clear and visible. The gifts, talents, and abilities we have were given to us by God; part of His design for us as an individual. These gifts, talents, and abilities were given to us purposefully to allow us to achieve that which God wants us to achieve; to move our story forward in exactly the fashion He desires.

                With this in mind, we can step out into the day; into our work environment, school, ministry, etc. and have no doubt or fear of what’s to come. We can simply focus on the task at hand and how we might bring glory to God by… not achieving success, but doing the very best we can while utilizing those gifts, talents, and abilities. We also have the freedom to take failure with a grain of salt, knowing that God is in full control at all times and that particular failure was also part of His plan for us, that we might learn and grow when tested. It’s incredibly empowering.