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(june 2017)

Be Like Him - 17 Jun 17

Some of the people in your life are going to make some bad decisions. Some of them will hurt you. Some of them will turn their back on you. Some of them will say hurtful things behind your back. Some of them will shock you with their behavior.


Just remember... sometimes, that person is you.


Sometimes you make some bad decisions. Sometimes you hurt other people. Sometimes you turn your back on people. Sometimes you say hurtful things behind someone else's back. Sometimes your behavior shocks other people. You can I can try and try as hard as we can... and still fall. We're human. So... before you cast the first stone, ask yourself: are you without sin?


Have you not screwed up? What did you want in that moment? Grace, right? Understanding? A friend? Love? Mercy? Be the person who gives those things freely ESPECIALLY to the people who need them the most.


THAT... is what Jesus would do. It's what He did. He tells us to follow His example. That's what being a disciple is all about. We want to BE like Jesus. We want to DO the things that Jesus did. #disciplesofjesus #belikehim

So You Wanna Be A... - 16 Jun 17

So you wanna be a rapper. Okay. Find rappers who do a phenomenal job at rapping. Listen to THOSE rappers. Model after THOSE rappers. The Bible tells us that a wise man has many counselors. You think you're gonna be a dope rapper without having dope rap role models? You think you can call 'em role models if you ain't spendin' time with 'em? You WILL reap what you sow. Get you some headphones. Put 'em on. Be careful what you blast in 'em. I know, I know... you wanna be original and you wanna be... you. That's cool. But, let's focus on learning how to do what we do... better. Let's do that FIRST. The real us WILL come out in our music. It's still you, but God willing, it will be a better you next time... and the time after that... and the time after that.

Anyway, Andy Mineo is on my list. Dude is ill. Not all the time, but definitely most of the time. Either way... he's wise counsel material.


And by the way, this approach... it works on everything. Dads. Moms. Wives. Husbands. Preachers. Teachers. Mentors. Counselors. Doctors. Police Officers. Brothers. Sisters. - CHRISTIANS
You wanna be better at that thing? Find people who do a phenomenal job at that thing. Listen to them. Model after them. "I got Tommy on deck, showing me the things I'm missin'..." - Spittin' Vol. II
I think my calling in life is to made disciples and teach the word of God. So Tommy is my role model. I spend time with Tommy. I ask him questions. I take his advice. I listen to him. I wanna be a better rapper. I listen to Andy Mineo, Lecrae, and Shai Linne. I look at their lyrics and rhyme techniques. I wanna be a better worship leader. I listen to Mike Alger and Scott Cresta. I ask them questions. I take their advice. I wanna teach the word of God better. I talk to Tommy. I listen to sermons by Alistair Begg. 
This isn't about me and what I do. It's about you and what you do. What are you doing? Can you do better? What's stopping you? Believe it or not, my interest... is seeing you happy and successful at whatever it is you are called in life to be and do. If I can help, I'm down. Just... don't think you've arrived. Paul was an amazing disciple of Jesus, and even he, in the midst of doing his job better than anyone ever did it... he... said that he had not yet arrived. He wasn't done learning. He had more growing to do. STAY a student. There's always room for improvement. And remember... everything we do... all that we spend our time and energy on... let it be to bring glory to our Father. Let it be to build up the church. Let it be to make someone's life better. Let it be to make someone smile or lift someone's spirits. Let it be to show someone... anyone... everyone... what God's love looks like. What Gods mercy looks like. What His grace looks like. His forgiveness. His perseverance. His fearlessness. His understanding. His patience. His sacrifice. His compassion. #endrant

Not for You to Know - 14 Jun 17

We know that when Jesus was about to go back to heaven, He tells His disciples, "It is not for you to know times or epochs which the Father has fixed by His own authority..." - Acts 1:7 NASB
Now, the Greek 'kairous' is translated 'seasons' or 'eras', but I like the NASB. 'epochs'
It's just a period of time marked by significant events.
We know it will happen at the right or proper time, constituting a 'season'. Era is also an apt word for this time period. It is a long period of time marked by particular features or characteristics.
The point is... do you think as disciples of Jesus, we should be sitting around contemplating things that He said are not for us to know?​


Moreover, I would draw our attention to the very next verse. What does Jesus say right after He corrects His disciples thinking? He says, "but you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you shall be My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the remotest part of the earth.”
That word 'witness'? If you look up the definition, you see great words to give us direction. Testify. Testimony. Tesifies. Evidence. Proof. Personal knowledge.
So testify to others the evidence and proof of Jesus that you have come to know personally. Share the gospel. Share your testimony. What great things has Jesus done in your life? This is what Jesus wanted us to focus on, and it was right after He finished telling His disciples that all that future stuff wasn't their business. We don't know when the Master will return. We just know that we should be keeping our lamps full of oil and ready. The best way to be ready, is to be busy doing the work our Master gave us to do before He left. Let's take the talent He gave us and make it five talents, amen?