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March 2017

Great Prayer - 21 Mar 17

“Speak, oh God, we pray, to our waiting hearts. And where there is no sense of waiting, create it within us, we pray. Come to our expectant souls and minister your grace. And where there is no expectancy… forge it in us, we ask… so that with light shining on the path of our lives afresh, we may walk in obedience to Your word and live in the joyful light of Your provision. Accomplish then, by Your Spirit, what only You, oh God, are able to do through the voice of a mere man, so that we might give you all the praise and the honor and the glory for Jesus’ sake. Amen. – Alistair Begg

And now you know why I listen to this guy. This was not a special prayer, just a typical Sunday morning pre-sermon prayer. I pray that my average prayers over the congregation would be like this, for from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. I suppose I really pray that my heart would be like his.

Wise Choices -7 Mar 17

 Just wanted to share this with you guys from my Career Development class. It's not necessarily career related, but life related. It's an awesome tool to help you make good, wise decisions. I REALLY wish someone would have given me this a LONG time ago. I wouldn't have gotten so hurt, and I wouldn't have hurt so many other people. You're welcome to copy it and use it for yourselves or share it with others.



In the face of any challenge, you can make a responsible decision by answering the six questions of the Wise Choice Process.

1. is my present situations?
Describe the problem objectively and completely.


2. How would I like my situation to be?
What is your ideal future outcome?


3. Do I have a choice here?
Yes! You always have a choice.


4. What are my possible choices?
Create a long list of specific choices that might create your preferred outcome.


5. What’s the likely outcome of each possible choice?
If you can’t predict the likely outcome of an option, stop and gather more information.


6. Which choice(s) will I commit to doing?
Pick from your list of choices in Step 4. What