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May 2017

Grace for Your Children - 16 May 17

Sometimes it's important to lay down the law and draw clear boundaries. Sometimes it's important to punish when the line is crossed. But... not all the time. It's also important that from time to time they receive grace from you. You would show them mercy and grace sometimes when they are sorry, and even sometimes when they're not. Make sure it carries the message of GOD, though; that this love and grace... this mercy you're showing them... it's so they understand what God's love, mercy, and grace is like. AND... make sure they understand that this same love, mercy, and grace that God's shows THEM... He shows to YOU, too... and that's why you're showing it to them. God gives it to us, and we turn around and give it to others. Paint the picture. Use the circumstances. Make it tangible. It's God's love that drew us to Him. Show your kids that same love and that will draw THEM to Him as well. Not to mention... you definitely don't want to be that person who gets all this awesome love, mercy, and grace from God... but doesn't show it to others. And who is more important than your wife and kids? Nobody. Only God. Those are the first people in your life... the top of your list. Make sure that you start with them. THAT is a disciple of Jesus and a child of God.

Joint Heirs with Christ - 13 May 17

So often we get focused on what we are allowed to do and how often we can do it without it becoming an addiction. We get ourselves centered around what is acceptable for us and what you can't look down on me for because technically there's nothing in the Bible that says I can't. We get ourselves focused on our agendas, our plans, and ambitions. We think so often about what we need to get done and how we might go about doing it.


But HOW OFTEN... do we stop to think that we are JOINT HEIRS with Christ. After all that He has done; all that He has sacrificed and achieved... we... in all our constant sins and screw-ups... WE... get to RULE alongside Him??? Over the earth. Over everyone who is here. Rule. Reign on high right next to the King of Kings. The Perfect One. The Lamb.


THAT is where our focus should be. THAT is who He is and who we are.

We should be acting like that guy... that guy or girl that gets to do this even though we've done NOTHING to deserve it. God loves us THAT much. Are we behaving in a way that reflects that?

We think... at the end of it all, we'd like for our Father to tell us, "Well done, good and faithful servant," but what about now? My prayer is that we would think this often of our here and now. Can God look down on us RIGHT NOW and say, "Well done, good and faithful servant"? Can He? Should He? Are we living in a way that He might do that... right now? What about five minutes from now?


Something to think about.