Go. Make Disciples. Baptize Them.





DO NOT disciple yourself. Using this guide to disciple yourself is NOT Biblical. This discipleship curriculum is designed to be taught to you or for you to use in teaching a disciple to surrender their life to Jesus and follow Him. Please be sure that you are ready and able to teach Gods word. Seek wise counsel and consult with your pastor before taking a big step like this. And be ready for questions from those you disciple.Feel free to message me regarding questions or concerns. I respond quickly.


Although it IS necessary for you to BE discipled, it does NOT need to be done by me. My advice is to find someone that you think knows God's word far better than you do and who has been walking with God longer than you have, or at least is walking much closer with Him. I am not the smartest guy. I am not the most experienced guy. I'm not the best at discipling people. There are many people, perhaps some that you know, that are much better options than me. I encourage you to pray about it, look at the believers around you, and find a person who you think is capable of discipling you. **(A few things to think about: Do they want to disciple you? Have they done that before? Do they know what to do?)** If you find a good person to disciple you, and they are interested, but don't know what to do or how, they are welcome to use my website and curriculum to disciple you. They can even contact me with questions, and I will help them to disciple you to the best of my ability. This website is simply designed to help people grow and equip the church. I am not in search of credit or recognition. Take whatever you want from here and do what you want with it.
No permission needed.

It's not 26A.D. and I'm NOT JESUS

It is important to realize that times have changed, and so discipleship just is not done the same way that it was. One must work and provide for their family as families do not operate as they once did, and... families are more spread out across the country than they used to be. We even see this in Acts as Paul and Barnabas' disciples stayed where they were as opposed to Jesus' disciples who followed Him everywhere He went. - It is also important to realize that I am not Jesus, and neither are you, so the disciples that we make will be a little different than the disciples that Jesus made. However, there are still many things that we can learn by observing how Jesus treated His disciples and the things they did together. Some of the things we see in how that relationship functioned are still applicable today.


A Christian is NOT:
A person who goes to church.
A person who has read the Bible.
A person whose parents are/were Christians.
A person who has been baptized.

A Christian IS:
that Jesus is Lord. This means that they believe who Jesus said He was. The Son of God. Equal to God. God Himself made flesh. They believe that He died for the sins of humanity. They believe that He was raised from the dead three days after His death. They confess Him to be "Lord", which means "Master". This means that based on Jesus being God and having paid the cost for their slates to be wiped clean, they surrender their lives in every way to Jesus. They become slaves to God. All they have and all that they are is subjected to God and His will. They obey the commands of God and aspire to be disciples of Jesus.

it's okay if you aren't

If you read the previous section, and you find that you are NOT a Christian... that is OKAY. My number one best advice is for you to be honest with yourself, and to be honest with the person who is discipling you. If you desire to be a true Christian, and you desire to be discipled and grow as a true disciple of Jesus, you absolutely MUST be honest with yourself, your mentors, and wise counsel (see lesson on wise counsel). Starting from complete honesty is absolutely necessary. I encourage you to begin discipleship, even if you find that you are NOT saved. As you advance through the curriculum, you will run into the places where you do not have faith, and questions you've always struggled with, but maybe didn't even know how or who to ask. This is great! I've had guys start discipleship certain that they were saved and Christians, only to find that they really didn't fully believe in God or that He created the world and humans. This was not a deal-breaker for me, as I encouraged them that this was a great, honest place to start. So, we explored God and creation. They asked all the questions they could think of, and we dug through them together. They later surrendered their lives to Jesus and were baptized. Be honest with yourself. Start there. Then be discipled. Ask lots of questions. Unlike other religions and denominations that claim to be "Christian", we will dig through evidence, facts, proof, logic, reason, and reliable truths together. Even Jesus understood that His disciples needed to see and touch, not just trust.

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