Flow in It's Purest Form

spittin' vol. ii

I like to take a break from time to time and just flow. It's great to make songs and create hooks that people will remember. I have often found myself in the company of friends and family who recited those hooks or sung them when they thought I wasn't around or couldn't hear them. That's encouraging to me, for sure, but I think there's more to rap than the typical song structure of hook, 16 bars, hook. To be honest, when I first heard this beat, I fell in love. After I purchased it, however, I found that I was not inspired with a hook. God did inspire me to rap to it anyway, though, and so I just went with it. What you hear is what God gave me. I pray quite often over my music, especially before I sit down to write. Like the men God used to write for Him, I want the Holy Spirit to lead me in the creation process. Of course, my personality comes out in the song, but more than that, I want God's message for us to reign supreme on these beats. I hope you find the lyrics He gave me inspiring. I'm very intentional about including a prayer in these 'volumes' so that even if you don't know me, we can still pray together.




This is Spittin’ Volume Two
Y’all gotta know by now, it’s just what I do
I’m gonna spit ‘til the day I die
Holy Spirit inside me got me on fire



When I jump on the mic,
Everybody know I spit about light
I’ma bring The Christ.
Fill the whole hood with life


I’ma preach on love
The kind of love that we all dream of
The kinda love that you wasted your life chasin’
When you wanted what God gives us


Cut to the chase. Jesus died takin’ my sins and place
Takin’ my guilt. Takin’ my shame and all the of the wrath I should face.


I shoulda died already. The enemy throwin’ up confetti.
Throwin’ a party. John is gone. Victim’ of a Bouncin’ Betty.


But I walk through the bullets.
Reppin’ His name to the fullest.
Even if the world can’t stop me
They grab my heart, they push and they pull it.


I got Tommy on deck, though
Showin’ me the things I’m missin’.
Got me a new transmission.
Fellowship my ignition.


Spendin’ more time in the word.
Studyin’ to better myself.
Knowin’ every day my prayers are heard
Old me get on that shelf


Growin’ like a weed in the springtime
Accountability and prayer is a must
Learnin’ from my past mistakes
Movin’ forward, in God I trust


To the least of these I’m gonna give my cheese
And I’ma do my best the meet the real needs
Feed the flock all around the clock
And I’m preachin’ Jesus. No legal fees.


Yes, indeed. It’s no longer me
Who lives inside of me wandering.
Jesus filled me like an empty cup
And now I’m livin’ a life full of conquering


And I’ma be the best man that I can be
Knowin’ I’m full of hypocrisy
The spirit is willin’ but the flesh is broke
So as long as Jesus is drivin’ me


I’m a piece of clay on the Potter’s wheel
Moldin’, shapin’ this heart of steel
It’s a partner deal. It starts to heal
When you bow down to the Son of God for real


Yo. I’ma drop the mic on stage and change the nation.
Speak the word on every radio station
Build the people up on their foundations
And break the chains that are wreckin’ the generations


I’ma be the one to stop
Tell the whole world to drop
Get on yo knees and pray with me
Jesus is the One on top


Put yo hands together
Lift yo face to the skies
We gonna pray as a church right now
That fear in the church would die


Father in heaven hear us
We come together now
We want to bring You glory
Lord will You show us how


God, we all
We want to see Your Kingdom
exhalt Your name
We thank Your Son for freedom
Thank You for taking blame


We don’t deserve Your love and
We don’t deserve Your grace
You love us more than we do
Father, we seek Your face


Forgive us of our transgressions
Let us be white as snow
Jesus is Lord and Savior
This in our hearts we know


Father we all surrender
You are the God Most High
Help us live for You daily
This is our battle cry


This is my hope for each and every one of you
I hope you die to sin
I hope you give up all of your dreams
And just live to live for Him


He gave His life to save you
And you give your life to Him
And we spend our lives as slaves
Let me hear you say, “Amen!”