How Can I Help?

Hello. My name is John Schroeder. My calling in life is discipleship and teaching the word of God. After struggling to work to provide for my family and simultaneously build on my calling to revolutionize discipleship in the body of Christ, I feel led to make a change. I am reaching out to churches around the country to support me in my mission. I have spent the past four years or so developing a website. It started as simply a place for people to access my music and contact me regarding events and booking. Shortly after creating it and publishing it to the internet, God began a work in me, slowly transitioning the site to something completely different, adding Bible education materials and a discipleship curriculum. It's become something very special, and it's potential is astounding. It's no secret that discipleship is something lacking in the churches found here in the United States, and largely the main culprit in so many failed churches and Christians not walking out a true faith in Christ. The model that Jesus set as an example for discipleship before then commanding His disciples to go and make more simply has not been followed. My goal in life is to change this statistic, starting here in the United States, and

eventually moving to "all nations". Recently, I've had to take a look at my life and assess how I was spending my time and what I was accomplishing. After much prayer and counsel, I have determined that I am spending most of my time helping employers ship parts, fix plumbing issues, and satisfy their customers. I have spent far less time working on the mission He gave me, and equally less time pouring into my family. I'm looking to reverse this completely.
I'm looking for churches to support me in transitioning to full-time ministry. I wish to spend my life studying God's word, growing in my understanding of it and my ability to teach it. I wish to see my website fully functional and accessible to the world, bringing astonishing transformation to the body of Christ here and abroad.
I've made the process super simple. At the bottom of this page, you can initiate a monthly recurring donation of your choosing. I encourage you to dig through my site all you like and ask me any questions you wish. All of my contact information is available on my site, or you can use this email if you prefer. I would expect churches who sign on to support me to track my progress to ensure that their money is not being wasted. I plan to even make that easier as well, by providing monthly updates to all donors, listing off additions to the website, content added, and ways that the ministry has grown.
I have also been contemplating the idea of offering my services to donor churches free of charge (seminars, concerts for their youth, etc.). Also, I'm excited to form new relationships with pastors who know the Bible better than I do and may even contribute their ideas and suggestions to improve the website and its content.
I do have to mention, that as soon as I am able, I will be removing my stage name from the site. I plan to create a separate site for my music that will link to this one, and this one will transition to or if God will allow it... (which will become available in May of next year).