First and Foremost


A huge obstacle for most people is the question, "Why should I trust the Bible?" The idea that it was written by men is a problem for many skeptics. Most of the time, these same skeptics take internet blogs, news programs, newspapers, and textbooks at face value and as valid truths, although all of them are constantly found to be flawed and sometimes even lying intentionally.

I think it's important for us to keep in mind one fact: NO ONE EVER... proved to you that the Bible is wrong. Ever. Not even a single Scripture. That never happened. Likely, someone somewhere along your journey through life, shared their opinion of the Bible with you... and you accepted it. Period. No one brought you facts and evidence. That's just an event that never happened. The reason I know that and can tell you that with confidence is that is has been proven (most of all by atheists... thank you so much) time and again that THERE ARE NO FACTS AND EVIDENCE to prove that any part of the Bible was, is, or ever will be wrong. Just the opposite is true, in fact. The Bible has continued to accurately predict future events over and over throughout history.

So, here's the thing... this book is really... A HISTORY BOOK!! It is a compilation of real events that happened in real places to real people. It is a recording of history. Think about that. This book has never been proven wrong, despite it being compiled by over 35 people over the course of 1,500 years. 66 books. It's absolutely amazing. Newspapers and other news agencies whose job it is to report the facts of various situations can't make it through a single year without having to provide a retraction. Textbooks are constantly being updated and corrected. 

Now, take into account that the Bible contains also the best advice that a person can get. Many people who do not believe in God still turn to the Bible for wisdom. Although not wishing to submit to the authority of God, people continue to see the value in God's designs. From marriage and employment to hospitality and the character of a person, the value of God's word is undeniable.

Okay, so let's just bring this thing home by dropping a few facts on you that will help you wrap your head around the Scripture. Firstly, yes... men did write these books, however, Scripture tells us that it was under the influence and direct instruction of the Holy Spirit. This is why they are without error. The only errors that can occur in the Bible are those we find in the various translations of the Hebrew and Greek text to other languages. It's quite difficult to translate such complicated languages into so many different simpler languages. In English, the most accurate translations are Young's Literal Translation, the New American Standard Bible, and the English Standard Version. Straying from these versions invites more and more errors in the translation as translators lean further away from literal translation and instead translate Scripture with a distinct purpose in mind. The NIV, for example, was designed to be translated from Hebrew and Greek into English at a third grade level. Obviously, this will not be the most accurate translation as words above a third grade level are re-translated into different words to improve readability. Also, The Message Bible is not a literal translation at all, but scholars read the original text, translate it into English, and then explain, much like a commentary, what the Scripture is really trying to say in a much more broken down, simple format.

Those of us who hold the original text in the highest regard will do one of two things. One... learn Greek and Hebrew so that we can translate the Bible for ourselves, or two... gravitate often to interlinear Bibles that place the most accurate possible translation of each word, in order, whether it makes sense or not. Zero angles. Zero agendas. Just the text.

If you struggle with things you read in the Bible, that's fine! God understands that as humans, we doubt. We overthink things. We UNDERthink things. We don't understand. We get frustrated. He gets it. So do I. Shoot me an email. Let me know what you're struggling with and I'll do my very best to answer your questions and help you grapple with God's word. It's worth it, believe me.